Gigabit CAT 6 surge arrester

Gigabit CAT 6 surge arrester

Mfg Part#: ALL95100

Condition: New Retail Box


  • $2400

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QTY 1000+ available

TP cat. 6 surge protection - IEEE802.3af, at, LTPoE++ up to 90 W

Protect your network devices from power surges caused by lightning strikes

• Plug and play installation
• Reliable protection from power surges for all devices with a network connection:
• switches, routers, firewalls, xDSL modems, ISDN, notebooks, PC/servers, TV sets, multimedia devices

ALLNET ALL95100 offers reliable protection from damage to sensitive devices. Stored in a compact housing, the ALLNET surge protection is simply plugged in between the network cable or xDSL/
ISDN connection and the device to be protected.

The ALLNET starts to protect the device from power surges straight away and without needing to be configured. Together with a regular
surge protection and material for equipotential bonding, infrastructure, such as in security-related in areas, can be
protected over the long term.
Not only indoors – the ALL95100 is also particularly well suited for outdoor use with PoE-capable IP cams and WLAN access points

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