Commonly Asked Questions:

What is the warranty?

Our standard warranty is 90 days, however longer warranties are available for an additional fee. Depending on the release date, some new overstock or open-box equipment comes with manufacturers warranty.  

Do you sell new equipment?

We offer both new, overstock and used equipment.  Our best discounts are on used and surplus and we are competitive on new from distribution.  

What is  the difference between new retail, open box and new overstock?

New Retail = Brand New from authorized channels of distribution. Full manufactures warranty.

New Overstock = Brand new but not from distribution.  May or may not have full manufacturers warranty. 

Open Box = Unused or slightly used in the original  box that has been open.  The product could have been a trade show demo or a customer return due to an order error. May be missing documents or a cable. May or may not have full manufacturers warranty.

Like New = Unused equipment with or without original packaging.  Packaging most likely damaged or discarded before original customer realized that the product was not needed. Or item could have been used for testing or demo at a trade show.

What's the difference between Used, Refurbished, Factory Refurbished and Pre-owned?

Refurbished and Pre-owned is another way to say Used.  Factory Refurbished is equipment that has been refurbished and repackaged by the OEM. 

Is used equipment reliable.

Answer: Definitely yes. All used equipment is thoroughly tested and fully functional. 

Can I trade my used equipment for new, current equipment?

Yes. We have a Buy Back program for most equipment, excluding obsolete and non-working hardware. Trade credits and be used towards your purchase of new or used equipment.

What are the shipping methods?

Please see Shipping and Returns page.

How Do I return equipment?

Please see Shipping and Returns page.